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Saving Jazz

Jasmine Lovely has it all – the looks, the grades, the friends. But when a house party spins out of control, Jazz discovers what can happen when your mistakes go viral …

We know our kids are at risk of becoming victims of cyberbullying. But do we know how at risk they are of becoming perpetrators? This controversial new novel tackles cyberbullying from a whole new perspective.

‘… so confronting it gave me nightmares but this should not deter people from reading it (except maybe at night) because it is an important cautionary tale.’ Magpies

crashing down cover

Crashing Down

Winner The Australian Family Therapists’ Book Award

Lucy is in Year 12 and under pressure to succeed. The last thing she needs now is an intense boyfriend. Breaking up with Carl feels like the only way to keep her dreams on track.

But good decisions can have bad consequences.

And leaving Carl is going to be a whole lot harder than Lucy could ever have imagined.


‘… McCaffrey does a stellar job of exploring the pressure young people experience on the cusp of adulthood.’ Magpies

‘Kate McCaffrey is known for her emotionally hard-hitting accurate portrayals of teens under pressure, and her latest novel Crashing Down is her best yet.’ Junior Books+Publishing

‘Kate McCaffrey creates a strong lead character, who shows young adult readers that courage, belief in yourself and confidence in your decisions will make you happy in the end.’ Scoop

‘It is an involving novel with some unexpected plot developments, and I would recommend it as a light yet serious read.’ Launceston Examiner

‘… a very engaging and challenging novel for those looking for a book that will make them think, with a storyline that will linger and continue to raise questions long after the final page is read.’ Kids’ Book Review

beauiful monster

beautiful monster


It only takes a few blood-stained seconds for Tessa’s life to change forever. Her brother is gone and now she wants her old life back. She wants her mum and dad the way they were.

If it wasn’t for Ned, she’d be all alone. He’s her greatest support and her staunchest ally, privy to her deepest secrets. Ned is like her other half, and he has the answer. If Tessa can just be perfect, life will get better.

in ecstasy

 in ecstasy

Winner The Australian Family Therapists’ Book Award

 ‘The book every teenager will want to read – and every parent should read. A brutally frank look at the teenage sub-culture of drugs.’ Dr Bill Saunders

‘Ecstasy. I’d always thought I might try it one day. I’d heard kids at school talking about getting wasted on the weekends. They made it sound awesome. I pictured the roughly made tablets with their tiny butterflies. An amazing experience inside a tiny pill. My body ached and my face was sore — I guess from smiling so much. I don’t remember ever laughing more. A new world had opened up for me, a place where I was confident and beautiful and a hot guy like Lewis wanted to be with me. That morning I figured life couldn’t get any better. How could something that made you feel like that be bad for you?’ 

Mia and Sophie hace been best friends forever — but that’s all about to change. Experimenting with drinking, boys and drugs, their friendship is tested to its limits, and they soon find out just how very bad things can be.

destroying avalon


Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Book 2007

Winner West Australian Young Reader’s Book Awards 2007 Avis Page

Winner ‘Writing for Young Adults’ 2006 Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards

Highly Commended The Australian Therapists’ Award for Literature 2006

Being fourteen is hard but it’s even harder when your parents uproot you from a cosy little country town to a huge urban high school.

Already unsettled and anxious about the prospect of starting year ten at a new school, Avalon’s first day is a disaster and it only gets worse. She immediately finds herself on the wrong side of the popular girls and within days becomes the subject of a vicious cyber bullying campaign.Miserable and alienated she finds solace with a small group of friends, and for a while things seem okay. But the focus of the bullying shifts to her friend Marshall who becomes the victim of both physical and mental threats which have consequences more terrible than anything anyone could have imagined. Destroying Avalon is about adolescent peer pressure and the search for identity. It’s a
hard-hitting, uncompromising story of teenage struggle, courage and betrayal. It is also an incredibly moving story.

Judges Report Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards 2006

Kate McCaffrey – Destroying Avalon
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Moving to a new school, Avalon has difficulty in finding friends – and then the real terror starts. The victim of relentless, vicious defamatory messages on the internet, Avalon is too devastated and confused to think how to defend herself until a tragedy brings release. This strong novel is grounded in the realities of secondary school culture, dialogue and relationships, where peer pressure has escalated into a new and dangerous realm. There are important messages in this riveting, fast paced story with high appeal for its target audience of young adult readers. A gripping, thought-provoking story of cyber-bullying, this novel may be a timely warning to parents and teachers of the present and rapidly evolving dangers facing young people today.

Judges report Notable Australian Children’s Books 2007

Older Readers: Destroying Avalon

When her family moves to the city, Avalon starts at a new high school. Although believing herself to be smart and strong, she is suddenly at the centre of brutal cyber bullying. The rapid insidious nature of the anonymous campaign unfolds compulsively through text and email messages, until it is realistically concluded. McCaffrey’s skilful storytelling keeps the reader guessing right to the end; she deals with friendship, cyber-stalking, homosexuality and teenage suicide. A list of supportive websites is appended. 

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38 thoughts on “My Books

  1. I just wanted to say a warm thanks for writting such amazing books, I love the whole concept of them, the way they’re written and everything about them. You’re an amazing author and I hope to see more books like these in the near future 🙂

  2. Thanks Nikki, I appreciate the feedback. Working on the next one- another teen angsty book about the pressures of year 12 and obsessive love. Watch this space!
    Cheers Kate

  3. I read your book ‘Destroying Avalon’ it is absolutely amazing, i actually cried i love the book.
    I love your writing.
    I hope to see more books by you 🙂

  4. Hey Kate your books sound both moving and realistic had some queries about the somerset celebratin of litreature you will be attending in mach 2009. I have been asked to protocol your session and was asked to write an introduction to your session. I was wondering i there was anything you would like me t include.
    Here is what I ave so far:

    ‘Kate McCaffrey winner of the Western Australian Young Reader’s Book Awards 2007 was born in Liverpool in 1970 immigrating to Australia in the tear of 1972. After contemplating many courier options ranging from veterinarian to lawyer Kate had her heart set on writing. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in 1990 Kate began teaching Art and English after completing her diploma in education in 1992. An occupation she had never considered.
    After the birth of her first child Savannah Kate’s longing was to travel Europe.
    Kate began writing manuscripts and after becoming familiar to the rejection from publishing agencies she left Clarkson Community college as her second child Willow was brought into the world. As Kate Began entering literacy competitions she joined writers associations and produced her most acclaimed novel Destroying Avalon. Originally titled a person of interest Destroying Avalon has been described as a hard hitting, uncompromising story of teenage struggle expressed as a novel both deeply moving and honest. Kate McCaffrey now a full time writer has published her latest novel in ecstasy exploring the world of teenagers and drugs.
    Please make her feel welcome.’

  5. Hey, I just finished reading ‘in Ecstasy’ I thought it was amasing, truth be told I normal don’t like thoose kind of books, but the teen Librarian at my local Library told me I should read it. So I did XD. I enjoyed it so much, hope to see more for your work around My Library in Canada!
    XD Shay~ :P:)

  6. Kate, Your book ‘Destroying Avalon’ so moving. I felt the pain and love that every one in the book felt. I cant wait to hear from your next book.

  7. i luv destroyin avalon!!!!!!! i cried after half way through the book till the end – i read it in 1 hour i just couldnt put it down!!!! cant wait to read ur other buks!

  8. i loved your books, there are so moving and real. I cried in both of them. They show people what the world of a teenager is really like and thats what i love about them. I cant wait to read your next book, im so excited

  9. i love your two books i read them both and so have my friends there so easy to get in to and i cant put them down i was wondering are you writeing any more ? and i cryed in both of your books there just so reall

  10. Thanks Leah,

    My next book- Beautiful Monster will be released in May 2010. It’s about a girl Tessa, who has an eating disorder and a toxic relationship! Hope you look out for it. Keep reading!

    Kate McCaffrey

    1. hi Kate! i love your books and i have only read two but now im getting beautiful monster which i cant wait to read they are the most best books i have ever read and i hope you keep making more. do you have anymore that i dont know about? x

  11. I’ve only read Destroying Avalon – I read it today; I couldn’t put it down, despite the fact that I am in the middle of my HSC! – and it is so powerful and sad. I cried. Congratulations and thank you for writing it.

  12. Kelly has read most of your books and she loves them all. Kelly would like to know if more books are coming out soon… She cried and so did her mum… It’s a very heartfelt book.
    I, Michelle, am planning to read all of your books. They sound very interesting and I need a few more books to read, I’m running out of stuff to read 😉
    I would like to know how you get your ideas? I am planning on publishing a book soon and my head is full of so many ideas I struggle to put them on paper. One thing to think and imagine it but another to describe it in detail on paper. I look up to so many authors and you are one of them.

  13. OMG i loved reading Destroying Avalon it was such an amazing story.. i cried!!

    It’s my favourite book in the entire world!!!!!!
    Cn’t wait to read In Ecstacy i’ve got it on hold in the library ( ;

  14. Destroying Avalon is one of the best books i have read (and i read a lot of books). i am currently writing an essay on it and would like some more pointers on the character Sukey.

  15. OMG i love your books 🙂 i have read “In Ecstasy”, “Beautiful Monster” and i have just finished reading for my english class “Destrying Avalon”, i think that all your books are wonderful and send a really good mesaage to teenagers. when i was reading “Destrying Avalon” i cried because it is so sad how cyber bullying can make a teen kill himself 😦 i think it sends a good message to teens about what bullying can do to people. Hope to see more books come out 🙂

  16. I’ve read ‘Destroying Avalon’, and ‘Beautiful Monster’ so far. They were both amazing! Destroying Avalon felt so real and down-to earth, like it could actually happen. Beautiful monster is one of my favorite books. I love how deep it was, it made me really think. I loved the twist in the end! Both of the books made my cry! I’m going to read ‘in ecstasy’ next >.<

  17. so far I only read Destroying Avalon and it was amazing. In the end I cried my eyes out :S I can’t wait for your other books to be published in my country (might take a year or two >,>;)

  18. Hi Kate, I have read Destroying Avalon, In Ecstasy and Beautiful Monster and have loved them all. Just wanting to know when your next novel will be published. Thanks Bianca

  19. Hi Kate,

    I would just like to say a big thank you for your amazing work. I have recently read Destroying Avalon for English. It helped me, help a friend with a friend who had depression. Look forward to reading your other books.

    Thanks again

  20. I absolutely loved Destroying Avalon, by far my favorite book. It felt so real and I really connected with the characters, I simply couldn’t put it down! Hanging out to read your other books 🙂

  21. Hi Kate, my children have been pupils of yours and one of them asked me to read the required book in english ,Destroying Avalon, I was entranced and deeply moved. I have a friend whose son has attempted suicide twice in the last 18 months due to bullying and husband and wife now work part-time to always be on the alert ,I would love to recommend your book to them but feel it may be a bit raw for them at the moment due to the problem current and the end result in book. Can you recommend anything ,Jodi

  22. Reading “Destroying Avalon” at this very moment and i think its amazing. I have also read “Beautiful Monster” and i loved that. Cant wait to read “In Ecstasy”!

  23. Hello, I am a teacher and am very excited about your digital texts for use in the classroom. We are going to be teaching ‘In Ecstasy’ and I am wondering if you have an audio version anywhere? Do you have any suggestions as to how I could make this book more accessible to by low literacy students? Thank you.

  24. Your books are incredible. As a teenager myself, your books give me different perspectives on the world and people around me and all the things they may be going through. I hate coming to the end of your books. You’re an inspiration, please never stop writing xxx

  25. I absolutely loved ‘Destroying Avalon’, by far my favorite book.
    ‘Beautiful Monster’ was amazing,
    i am now reading ‘In Ecstasy’
    I love your writing.
    I hope to see more books by you 🙂

  26. Dear Kate
    My name is Cassie and I’m a student at the Wodonga Flexible Learning centre. I’m writing to you because I’m inspired by your books.
    The first book I read was In Ecstasy. I find this book important to teenagers like myself because it teaches you about the negative and positive side of the drugs and the effects on individuals and on their family and friends. I have personally been through a similar situation where this has happened and If I had read the book In Ecstasy at the time it would have changed my point of view towards things.
    The second book that I read was Crashing Down. The message I got from that book was that life is too short to be wasted. It gives a valuable message to teenagers to be safe before driving by not being under the influences of drugs and not to be peer pressured by anyone. Again I have been in a car where the driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs and the book Crashing Down shows how dangerous it can be to drive under the influence of drugs and peer pressure and also how some people are lucky to escape.
    The third book that I read was Destroying Avalon. the message I got from this book was strong it shows you the consequences to bullying and the effects bullying does have on people. I’ve known people who have been bullied and watching the effects it not only on them but the people around them.

    I’m looking forward to reading Beautiful Monster and Saving Jazz
    Since you have covered the topics bullying, drugs and dangerous driving I would really like you to consider writing about teenage homelessness . Also I know you have written In Ecstasy but I believe there should be a book for teenagers in situations where the parents or family members are using drugs and the consequences it has for them.
    Thanks again

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