A Rather Long Hiatus

I’ve been relatively quiet of late, so many things have been going on that attending to my blog has been pushed to the back of my To Do list. So here I am to make amends. What’s been happening? Firstly, my lovely father Michael McCaffrey died in November and it threw life as we knew it well […]


Pics : Kate Mac, Jane  Mac & Jon Doust    Kate Mac, Liz Byrski & Jon Doust Returned from Kununurra this week. I was flown up there to be a guest of the Kimberley Writer’s Festival. First impressions of Kununurra- man it’s hot! It might seem like stating the bleeding obvious- but for a city girl (whose […]

(Sketchy)Upcoming Appearances and in ecstasy news

I have an advance copy of in ecstasy and like all proud parents I think it is the most beautiful book in the world! That’s not to say I love it more than Destroying Avalon– just differently!! It has turned out really well- and the cover (thanks Tracey) is receiving lots of compliments. Like I […]

We Are Watching You wins Bronze

Annie Thomson the producer of the ABC’s Street Stories radio documentary into cyber bullying We Are Watching You just won a bronze world medal at the New York Festival Awards. As the medal implies- it is a world wide award and in my opinion much deserved. Personally I think she should have received the gold- […]

The Australian Therapists’ Award for Children’s Literature

Well, here is more exciting news! A few weeks ago the winner of the Australian Therapists’ Award for Children’s Literature (try saying that ten times really fast) was announced. My publisher contacted me to tell me that Destroying Avalon was highly commended in this award. It’s a terrific honour! So I googled the Australian Therapists’ […]

The Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards Presentation Night

It’s true, I have the inside information, I know who the winners are! They were announced last night at a dinner held amongst ‘the stacks’ in the State Library. And so… FICTION The Travel Writer   Simone Lazaroo POETRY All the Time in the World  Dennis Haskell WRITING for YOUNG ADULTS Destroying Avalon  Kate McCaffrey CHILDREN’S […]

The Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards 2006

Yes, it does say 2006- though it’s 2007- but it’s a ceremony about books published in 2006 and awarded in the following year!! Get it???? The shortlist was announced last week (I think) and there are some excellent titles on the list: Non-Fiction Sally Clarke                          In the Space Behind his Eyes (self pub) Dr Quentin […]

The Lazy Blogger

A thousand apologies Constant Reader (thanks Stephen King)! I’ve committed a blogger’s cardinal sin- to create a blog and then fail to diligently post! It’s been weeks since my last blog (sounds like a confession- doesn’t it) but though I appear lazy- it’s been a lack of time that’s been the enemy. After the whirlwind […]

Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards 2007

Tuesday this week, the CBC announced its list of Notable Books- approximately two hours before the announcement of the shortlist. The Notable Books are novels selected from each category that the CBC found worthy (in some way) of recommending.  From their website http://www.cbc.org.au is this comment about the Notables: The Judges of the 2007 Awards […]