A short reprieve

Well, the publicity juggernaut has died down for a mo.  I can breathe a sigh of reief! Deep sigh! All went well at both the WAYRBA and CBC talks!

Which gives me pause for a momentary digression-

WAYRBA stands for Western Australia’s Young Readers’ Book Awards and when pronounced, people including those on the committee say “way-bra”, now at the risk of nit-picking it should be pronounced “wayer- bah”. But that sounds silly, doesn’t it. Now I got to thinking am I the only one who realises this (and of course I avoid the acronym at all- cause, 1.- it feels silly to say and 2. eveyone may thing I’m getting it wrong). So my suggestion to the folk of WA is why not make it- Western Australia’s Young Book Reader’s Awards (instant solution!) or  Western Australian’s Young Reader’s Awards (and forget the B altogether??)

What do any of you guys think?


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